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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Future is Looking Good

Cassandra 2012 is retiring. He has been here for close to a year now which is about what I expected when I gave birth to him. I am quite proud of the fact that I have managed to keep him alive that long. Certainly the fact that I included 2012 in his name means that he was doomed to breathe his last no later than December 31st 2012.

I cannot claim that he has been successful, certainly not as measured in page views. He began as an attempt to present an alternative view of Irish and UK politics in the context of collapsing currencies and government imposed austerity. There is a multitude of columnists, bloggers and angry citizens all too ready to tell the world how wrong the coalition governments in both countries are; how much pain they are causing to their populations. Cassandra 2012 came into existence in order to counter this cacophony of protest and to point out that it was not just the bankers who got us into this mess.

Previous governments created the circumstances in which bankers were able to do what they did and the vast majority of ordinary citizens who surely ought to have known better were happy to go along with the erroneous belief that how ever much they or their governments borrowed today they would be able to find the means to repay their creditors in the future. We were all complicit in the deceit – it occurs to me that conceit might be a more appropriate word – and must all now pay the price.

Work is the Only Way
“Why,” you ask, “should the bankers be allowed to get away with it?” And, in truth they shouldn’t. The problem is they did it all with other people’s money, people like you and me, people who believed that they’d get their money back with interest. If we write off those debts it is those ordinary people who will lose their savings. Either way it is us ordinary folk who will suffer, whether through government imposed austerity or through loss of savings. So Cassandra 2012 came about in attempt to remind people that the only way out of the mess is to work our way out of it.

My other objective was to provide a platform from which to market my books to potential readers. That of course depended on the blog reaching that audience, and it hasn’t. So it is time to say farewell and look forward. For if Cassandra 2012 must pass into history on or before 31st December 2012, something has to take his place in 2013 and beyond.

Important Anniversaries
2013 marks the bi-centenary of the creation of the school that I attended in the 1950’s. It will also see mine and Freda’s golden wedding. Later in the year the 70th anniversary of my father’s death will pass. He died when the Lancaster bomber of which he was a crew member crashed near Mannheim in Germany.

2013 is also the year in which my home town will host Europe’s largest agricultural event, the Irish National Ploughing championships. One of my neighbours when I was growing up in Herefordshire was English National ploughing champion so there is yet another link of a sort between the county of my birth and the one in which I now reside.

A much more significant link is the historical one concerning Roger Mortimer. Roger once owned a castle near my present home. He was born in Wigmore Castle in Herefordshire and is notorious for having ruled England (and Ireland!) after the suspicious death of the King and having entered an adulterous relationship with the Queen (Isabel).

Plenty of material there for a novel! I shall certainly attempt to mix these ingredients into a continuing on-line presence throughout 2013. The metaphors that spring to mind are clich├ęs but I cannot resist the temptation to use them: “The King is dead; long live the King!” and “Something will rise from the ashes”.

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